Puget Environmental is a Seattle based environmental company specializing in oil tank decommissioning, soil excavation for tank removal, and environmental cleanup and assessment. Serving most of Western Washington, from Olympia to Bellevue and Everett to Tacoma, our team of seasoned experts has over 40 years of experience working on residential and commercial projects. Contact us to talk about the oil tank decommissioning and removal process at your site today – we work on projects of all scopes and sizes!
Heating Oil Tank Removal

Tank Removal & Decommissioning

With experience in over 300 heating oil tank projects, Puget Environmental is a proudly approved service provider of the Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency, serving Seattle, Tacoma and beyond for tank removal, tank decommissioning and more.
Tank Decommissioning

Drilling & Well Installation

Using specialized equipment designed to access hard to reach areas such as side yards, basements and patios, our licensed professional are equipped to take on projects even in the most confined spaces when it comes to drilling and well installation.
Tank Decommissioning

Cleanup & Excavation

We offer excavation and removal of contaminated soil at both residential and commercial sites throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound region – always with complete site restoration in mind.
Residential Cleanups


Our team assists homeowners, developers, businesses and contractors by providing the soil and groundwater evaluation needed for agency closure. Contact us for environmental consulting and inspections throughout the Seattle area.

Previous Projects

Heating Oil Tank Replacement

At Puget Environmental, we are the trusted experts in safe and efficient heated oil tank removal services. With years of experience in the industry, our highly trained team is equipped to handle the most challenging tank removal projects with precision and care. We understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and our methods prioritize the proper disposal and recycling of materials to minimize any impact on the environment. Whether you need to decommission an old heating oil tank, upgrade to a more efficient system, or have any related service needs, count on Puget Environmental to deliver exceptional results, ensuring your property remains safe and compliant with all regulations. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Underground Storage Tank Cleanups

Agencies & Affiliates

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CNR Tanks
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